With Everything Changing

Way, way back in 1971 (before many of you were born, sigh) I traveled with the international musical group Up With People. One of our signature songs was called, “With Everything Changing”.  The song posed the question of what things stay the same in the midst of seemingly constant change. This song makes me think about TSDC and the changes that we have undergone and continue to go through. In the past few years we have changed locations twice, yet we continue to thrive. We have seen several members move away, yet we continue to attract new members monthly. New faces appear on our Board, yet several of our dedicated members continue to serve year-in and year-out. It is this cycle of change and consistency that continues to make our club the backbone of the local WCS community. Our strong presence makes TSDC the place to be on Thursday nights for WCS in Tucson.


Well, change is coming again. We are about to move further into the digital age. This will be the last issue of our club newsletter.  The information contained in our newsletter will now be online at our club website,www.tsdc.net.   Our two facebook pages will contain frequent updates.  When new info has been new info has been added to our website, links on facebook will let you know.  My President’s Message will still be present, but will morph into The President’s Corner on our website. Matthew Loukoupolous will still be sharing his insights on WCS in his column Beyond Patterns.  Photos, birthdays, new members and info on the latest club happenings will all be online so that you have one convenient spot to stay updated. The website gives us the ability to be more fluid and immediate. As an added bonus, it will save TSDC money which can be used for more fun things for our club. I encourage all of you to bookmark www.tsdc.net.


I want to thank Mary Carroll, our Newsletter Editor, for her incredible work the past five years. Mary dedicated countless hours each month in order to provide TSDC with a professional newsletter that was informative, as well as artistically presented. We at TSDC owe Mary a debt of gratitude for her work. I’m hoping that our Board will find another way to utilize her considerable talents. Thanks Mary, for a job well done!


Getting back to Up With People… it was a blast having twelve children of former Up With People cast members, as well as one of their parents, at our dance on July 24th. Some of them came from as far away as Sweden! They were in town for their parents’ Up With People reunion. Although only one of the twelve knew how to do WCS, that didn’t dampen their excitement.  Several of our members had fun introducing them to the thrill of WCS. Their youthful energy reminded me of my time in Up With People when I was about their age. I regret not finding out how they found their way to our club. I asked the question, but don’t remember getting an answer. Do any of you know how they found out about TSDC?


Have you purchased your tickets to Desert City Swing yet? Remember, if you want to sit at our club tables, you have to purchase your tickets from Susan at our front desk. You can pay by check or cash. Tickets will be sold on a first pay basis. Mary and I have purchased our tickets already and we’re really excited about going! We hope to be sitting with a table full of TSDC members.  You can bet that all of our TSDC competitors hope to have an enthusiastic crowd from TSDC cheering them on while they compete. Don’t miss out on this fantastic convention and don’t miss out on the opportunity to share the good times with your friends at TSDC.


See you on the dance floor…

Zo Carroll