Happy New Year by Zo Carroll

Happy New Year everyone! Are you ready to spin, dip, and whip yourself into a WCS frenzy in 2015? Are you ready to make big improvements in your dancing and become a WCS superstar? In my business, we say that big goals can be achieved and improvements made by taking small, consistent steps each day. Anne Frank said, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Why wait then to start improving your world of dancing? Let passion and excitement drive you and expect to find success down the road!

2014 at TSDC was an exciting year. Lots of new bodies graced our dance floor. Hopefully, these new dancers will decide to become members of our club. Having a constant stream of new members, while retaining our “old” members, creates an exciting and lasting dance club.Even with all of the other WCS dance options available around town, TSDC continues to be the epicenter for WCS in Tucson.

If you value what TSDC has to offer, think of ways that you can help in its continued success. Volunteer or run for the board in April and help guide board decisions that affect our club. Or, simply bring a friend or two with you for some Thursday night fun. This could have a huge and positive impact on TSDC this year. The more people that are exposed to our club, the more it will grow and prosper.

We had a number of wonderful workshops given by WCS National Champs John Piper, Patty Vo, Michael Kielbasa and Ben McHenry. All were well-attended and received rave reviews. On February 5th, National WCS Champion Tara Trafzer will return to TSDC for a night of workshops. Tara hasn’t done a workshop at our club since 2012. Having her back at TSDC is sure to be a fantastic evening of learning and dancing. Workshop prices are $10 for members and $15 for non-members. Remember, whether you come to the workshops or just for the dance afterwards, these prices will be in effect for the entire evening.

Our club Christmas party was a big success. I loved seeing our crowd all fancied up! The room was beautifully decorated, the food was yummy, the music was HOT, and the dancing was fabulous! Hopefully, next year we will have some live performances to help spice up the evening. Anybody got a great WCS dance routine that you’re dying to perform? Here’s a chance to show the home crowd what you’ve got!

A small group of us performed at the 4th Avenue Winter Street Fair in December. It would have been much more fun if we’d had more dancers. Thanks go out to those who participated. The weather was a bit cold and we weren’t real organized, but the crowd had a good time. It would be very cool to see us do more WCS performances around the city this year. With more preparation, we could put on some killer shows. What a great way to introduce TSDC and WCS to large groups of people around the city!

Please note that we will be increasing our Thursday night prices to $5 for members and $7 for non-members starting February 12th. Due to a higher rental price that TSDC has to pay for Shall We Dance, a rate hike has been deemed necessary by our Board of Directors. These new prices are very much in line with WCS dance prices around Tucson. In fact, our member price is lower than the entry price for just about all WCS dances in Tucson and/or Phoenix. TSDC absorbs losses on many workshops and our club Christmas party. We still offer both at such a great price because we do it for our members. However, we have to be able to cover our weekly rent.

So once again, Happy 2015! Let’s all make an effort to become better WCS dancers this year. By attending Tara Trafzer’s workshop in February, you can check out some of the latest “stuff” that’s being taught around the WCS world. I know I’m looking to improve in all areas of my dancing this year and am excited to attend her workshops. Remember, a rising tide raises all boats. The better we all get at WCS, the better WCS will become in Tucson. This means a better time for all of us!


“May you laugh heartily, cry openly, sing loudly, dance wildly, love unashamedly.” – Issac David Garuda


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