Jack and Jill Contests

The Tucson Swing Dance Club hosts a semi-frequent All-American Jack & Jill competition, usually once every 3-6 months. Competitions are held on the last Thursday of the pertaining month.

In an All-American Jack & Jill contest, leaders are randomly assigned to their followers (usually via pulling a name out of a hat), irrespective of skill level. This means that a Novice-level dancer could draw an Advanced-level dancer for their partner, and vice-versa. You never know who you’ll be dancing with, so everyone has a realistic chance to win!

To participate in the Jack and Jill competition, competitors must be a yearly member of the club. Dancers of ALL skill levels are invited to compete!

Those who place in the top 3 are eligible for cash prizes! 

These fun contests allow our members to experience a competitive dancing environment and to receive feedback from several experienced judges. We find this competition to be a great benefit to our club and we hope everyone will come and join us.

Thank you judges for volunteering your time and insight throughout the year!

Contest Rules and Regulations