Classes at TSDC: An Overview

West Coast Swing classes are offered at the club every Thursday night.  Our regular weekly classes are taught by a rotating group of volunteer instructors.  Every other month we host national instructors at the club for a special evening of workshops, see our schedule page for more details.

Come as you are – no previous dance experience is expected, no partner needed!

Basic West Coast Swing Classes:
• 7:00 to 7:45 PM
• Students may begin the lessons on any Thursday night.
• We recommend taking the basic lessons for 3 months before moving on to the intermediate level.
• Stay and watch the intermediate class, then dance from 8:30 to 10:30PM!

Intermediate West Coast Swing Classes:
• 8:00 to 8:30 PM
• Each week we teach variations and move combinations, syncopations and break endings that will take the beginner beyond the basics or increase the repertoire of the Intermediate dancer.
• Stay for the open dance from 8:30 – 10:30 PM!

Weekly Class Offerings:
1st Thursday: Left Side Pass, Underarm Turn, Underarm Turn with Hand Change, Right Side Pass
2nd Thursday: 4 Beat Starter Step, Throw Out, Closed Basic
3rd Thursday: Sugar Push, Tuck Throw Out, Turning Basic
4th Thursday:  Basic Whip, Whip with Underarm Turn,  Whip with an Outside Turn
5th Thursday: Basket Turns,  Basket Whip Variations


** Visit the TSDC Lesson Library for a video catalog of intermediate lessons taught during past weeks. **

(As with learning any new talent, West Coast Swing can be incredibly rewarding, fulfilling, and frustrating!!   This article might help you overcome your frustrations.)

Why Beginners Quit Swingin,’   By Mark Van Schuyver

A popular dance instructor told me that “out of 1,000 folks who think they might enroll in a dance class, perhaps 50 will actually do it. Of these brave 50, only 30 or so will finish the beginner series. Of the 30 only 20 will return for intermediate classes. After one year, maybe 10 will still be dancing.” “Gee whiz! Only ten out of 1,000? I asked. “This number might be high,” he replied thoughtfully. Why such a high turnover? What makes it so hard to begin? What makes it so hard to stay with it? Let’s examine the top five reasons why people give up before they really get started…