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150319 TSDC March Photos

Happy New Year by Zo Carroll

Happy New Year everyone! Are you ready to spin, dip, and whip yourself into a WCS frenzy in 2015? Are you ready to make big improvements in your dancing and become a WCS superstar? In my business, we say that

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What, How, and Why by Zo Carroll

With Thanksgiving being right around the corner, I hope that all of you will have the opportunity to spend the day with friends and loved ones. Eat hearty, laugh and maybe get a little dancing in as well. Remember that

You – The Dance Rock Star by Zo Carroll

Happy October everyone. I absolutely love October, especially October in Tucson. No more one hundred degree days, no more  hot, humid days and too warm nights. Cool nights and comfortable days now are the norm. Being a huge fan of

Photos from Desert City Swing Convention (2014)

Looks Matter

Looks matter By Matthew Loukopoulos One of my Tango students came up to me the other night very confused. Here is the gist of our conversation. “So, I took the West Coast Swing beginner class with Mr. Big Arms.” (No,

Is Your Dancing Efficient AND Effective?

Zo Carroll, President

Hey Gang! I hope your month of September is off to a flying start, and I hope that you’re using the club’s website and Face Book page, to stay on top of what’s happening at TSDC. In this post, I

“You’re not good enough for what??”

You’re not good enough for what?? By Matthew Loukopoulos August 2014 Not too long ago I was teaching workshops for a weekend up in northern British Columbia. I have been up there several times now. It’s a small, but great

August 2014 Photos

With Everything Changing

Zo Carroll, President

Way, way back in 1971 (before many of you were born, sigh) I traveled with the international musical group Up With People. One of our signature songs was called, “With Everything Changing”.  The song posed the question of what things